Winter Recap Contest 

Well, that was fun! We received a great collection of stories, pictures and videos.
Winners will be collecting prizes from Rack N Road, Outdoor Research and Aslan Brewing Co. 
  • Rack N Road cargo box: $500
  • Outdoor Research: $350
  • Aslan Brewing Co: $100
  • Aslan Brewing Co: $50


"Great late start, crappy middle, banger finish." 
Jeff Newman


"The SheJumps Get The Girls Out event was amazing. Snowboarding and skiing with all ladies and hiking up to the king at Crystal was an amazing experience." 
Brittany Mellander


"I have missed the season because my mom has pancreatic cancer and I am caring for her in Arizona. She’s now on hospice. I’ve been here since Dec. 13. I’m an avid skier and haven’t missed a season in decades. I did get one amazing backcountry day in defuse I was called to come here - my first ever true BC day. If this were to be my season summary, it would be epic because it’s not the quantity but the quality of the experiences and how you live your life!"
Taylor Donovan


"Started teaching my 3 year old daughter how to snowboard (our favorite family activity!). So wonderful seeing her excitement as she learns new skills and builds confidence. She is always yelling “faster, faster” as she barrels down the hill… but hoping she learns to turn before going any faster!"
Ryan Thompson


"This winter season started out like a lamb but eventually came on like a lion! Some fantastic powder days!"
Bruce Vanderhoff


"The Ski Girlys have had some Beautiful Days at Crystal Mountain."
Debra Petersen


"6 friends went to Japan after watch'n poobahs pre-season forecast, we had blast. But Poobah was right we didn't get the best snow; this was the season you needed to play it by ear and be ready to move to where the snow was!"
Erick Timmerman




The season's not over yet... so keep watching for Powder Alerts.