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British Columbia Ski Area review

Grand Poobah's ski area pros and cons: British Columbia
Road Trip
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Over the decades I've been lucky enough to ski more than 60 ski areas in ...

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What is the warmest it can snow?

Many people have seen it snow well over 32 degrees. Its true it can snow above 32. The best Ive seen is snow in the lower 40s. You may wonder how this can happen. In the mid latitudes, most precipitation starts as snow in the clouds, then melts as it hits ...

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What's an Atmospheric River?

No doubt youve heard of the Pineapple Express (PE). The PE is a West Coast term for a stream of warm, moist air, from near the Hawaii. PEs are attached to low-pressure areas migrating across the Pacific, aimed at the West Coast. Recent studies have show t ...

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El Nino Warmth

El Nino will produce a warm NW winter. It wont be continuous warmth, but in the end, mainly lower elevations will have about 20% less snowfall. Recall, El Nino is an area of central Pacific Ocean temperatures, which are warmer than normal. But that warmth ...

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Extended Forecast speculation..

Ya know, I think its gonna be a pretty decent this season, despite El Nino. I like how things are moving right along, across the Pacific right now. Gradually gaining in frequency and magnitude - occasionally aimed in our general direction. This is very " ...

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