Hello Skiers,

The recent atmospheric river (AR) was more persistent than I originally thought. It stalled over us and the original narrow window of warm air became longer, as a result, conditions on Friday were not very good the entire day.

The good news is the rain / snow glop of Friday will be partially covered with new snow and lower snow levels (4,000ft) on Saturday, as the AR moves south and decays, with 2-5 new for Saturday morning, then another 2-4 during the day. Sunday will see additional cooling and drier air with a 2,000 with a few inches new possible.

One caution. I am not sure how the conditions will set up in the next few days. I hope the new weekend snowfall will cover Fridays wet snow and we get a new start. However, snow conditions could be variable: it could ice up in spots OR be fine, with a nicely skiable new veneer of snow.

Well see some minor additional snow Sunday, then partial clearing with little or now snow Monday through Wednesday.

You might see some occasional weak winter sunshine early next week. Later next Thursday and Friday a new system comes in with a 1000 ft snow level and 5-10 of new snow possible but that a way off and there is uncertainty in the details of that system

Happy Holidays.

Your Grand Poobah of Powder