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Jan 13, 2023

Hello skiers and snowboarders,


Thanks for all your emails. I have been traveling a bit, with more to come. Skiing much more too.

Forecast update for upcoming holiday weekend:

Saturday- snow levels falls to 4,500 ft,  2-4” new,  rain/snow mix lower slopes - still a tad grabby

Sunday – better conditions, with snow level lowering to 3,500 ft, new snow (1-4”)

Monday – Best – snow level 2,500 ft. New snow trace to 2”  rip a groomer, off-piste improving


Michael will update on Sunday.


Dispatch from the field:

Photo: Crystal Mountain last Tuesday and Wednesday!


Skied Crystal earlier this week. Stayed overnight with Powder Poobah sponsor Crystal Hotels. Makes it so easy, with a great parking spot too - try it.  


Wonderful groomers. Off-piste was variable. Good report from Southback, but I did not do the trek.  A few thin spots on some of the ridges, but overall snow coverage excellent. Snow quality good to excellent, really no icy areas.


More challenging with the snow level rise Thursday and today as atmospheric river brings in warmth and moisture, with wind on top -- and rain snow mix at the lower slopes. 


With the improved snow coverage, it’s looking good. But, time to take my skis into sponsor Sturtevant’s, for a mid-winter tune. The skis bottoms got a little beat up early in the season. Let’s say a few “encounters” with thin spots in the coverage during December.  


The picture above shows blue bird skies with rime ice, last Tuesday. Rime ice occurs when supercooled water in a cloud or fog forms (blown by wind) on an object like a sign or tree. Supercooled water is liquid and below 32 degrees. It freezes upon impact. Rime creates irregular surfaces. That’s why they “de-ice” aircraft before taking off – to return the surfaces smooth for optimum flight. 


Fly down the slopes and have a great weekend!


Larry Schick


The Grand Poobah of Powder


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