Hello Powder Alert Fans,


This will wrap it up for the Powder Alert snow forecasts for this 2023-24 season. But the season has not ended. There remains skiing at Crystal, Whistler, Mt Hood Meadows and Bachelor. Check websites for details re operations and closing dates.


 This weekend will see new snow on the upper slopes, but lower slopes will be sticky In the Cascades and Whistler. Snow levels will be about 4,000 ft. There will be minor snow accumulation on the upper slopes (1-4”), with a rain snow mix on the lower slopes. 


Hope you had a good season. It was a struggle at times with the high snow levels, especially early in the season. The El Niño was not great for the Northwest at times, producing those high snow levels early in the season with mild southwesterly airflow. The El Niño snow forecast was for near to below normal and that’s about where we ended up. Much of February and March were fairly consistent with new snow, but the rest of the season was variable. The forecast is for La Niña next season. That pattern should deliver an improved snow season for 2024-25 with lower snow levels and generally more snowfall for the Northwest. 


Don’t forget at 6:30 this Thursday evening, I’ll have a ZOOM presentation (click here for details) with the season recap. We’ll say adios to El Niño and have a standing ovation for the return of La Niña next season – which favors big NW snowfall. We’ll answer your snow/ weather questions. Plus, a guest appearance from Powderchaser Steve. Utah based; he often snowboards the Cascades – first chair on the best powder days – every time! Why he thinks the NW has some of the best powder skiing anywhere. Plus, he’ll throw in a few of his powderchaser tips.


Hope to see you tonight. I’ll try and answer all your questions.


Thanks for a great season and supporting our sponsors.


Larry Schick – meteorologist

The Grand Poobah of Powder