Hello, Powder Alert fans.


Short Term Forecast - Rain

Starting today we can expect an active weather pattern for the Pacific Northwest. This storm will move in today and tomorrow and we will have higher snow levels so we expect moderate to heavy rain at times. Yes, the sometimes dreaded Atmospheric River is briefly in place. However, the good news is this helps take the edge off some of the drought conditions that are reported.


Weekend and Beyond- Good News Snow Levels Drop

Snow levels drop over the weekend to 5000 to 6000, so we start building our snowpack. Then early next week snow levels drop further to close to 4000 feet so some snow at those levels.


The map below shows that the cumulative snowfall from today through Tuesday night will be up to 10 inches, mainly for areas above 5,000 feet. Although there will be some snow close to 4,000 feet. Most of this new snowfall will occur this weekend and into early Monday.


Extended Outlook

The outlook for Wednesday, November 8 through Friday, November 10 brings cold conditions with snow levels close to 3,000 feet. That is great news. We will monitor the snow forecast and pass any good news on to our subscribers.


Prepared by: Meteorologist Michael Fagin