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Saturday Sun

Hello skiers,

The unprecedented cold and snowy pattern of much of April is almost behind us.

Hope you got up recently its been very good. I had many wonderful groomer and off -piste powder days at Crystal and the Summit in the last three weeks. The chill produced fantastic quality snow for April. The recent weather pattern was pretty good even when compared most winter months. It was a consistent broad area of cold low pressure over the NW, which produced the chill and fabulous skiing.

Now we are moving into the tail end of the ski season. Storms are still coming but weaker and snow levels will be more typical and a tad higher, in the 3,000-5,000ft range. Days are longer and sun angle higher, resulting in snow which will be grabby or heavier at times in the afternoon. If you get going early, good grooming makes a difference and youll be ripping. Plus, the with the spring sunshine in the forecast youll be warmer and enjoy better visibility. Overall there hasn't been much melt, as we keep adding snow to the pack.

Ski areas are limiting operations and some will close soon. Limited operations will be seen with fewer lifts operating on fewer days. Most areas will be open on weekends only. Check ski area websites for the latest and details.

Here is the forecast:

Friday: expect minor new snowfall from overnight combined with some new untracked snow from the last couple of days. Expect partly to mostly cloudy skies with sun at times. Chance of a brief snow afternoon shower.

Saturday: Enjoy spring skiing in the sun as a ridge of high of pressure moves into the NW. Youll see Aloha shirts and shorts on the slopes. Groomers will be perfect in the morning. Snow will soften on south facing slopes late morning and most other slopes aspects by lunch.

Sunday: The fun in the sun continues Sunday morning will excellent groomers, (off piste mixed bag of soft and firm). The clouds will increase by late morning and early afternoon. New snow is expected by late in the day, probably after the lifts stop spinning, but a chance of snow by after lunch.

Monday Tuesday of next week: weak remnants of Sundays storms provide a little light snow with snow levels 3,000 - 3,500 ft mixed with some sunshine at times.

Next week Ill wrap it up with a final forecast, season recap and look into next season. Youll be surprised, the snowfall this year turned out to be pretty good, but it fell with frustrating irregularity. Ill recap this seasons feast/famine snow story. Plus, could La Nina extend into next season, a third season in a row? That would be rare, but it could happen. Ill sort out those uncertainties next week.

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