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Fun in the Sun

Hello skiers,

Its that timetime to ski in Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Yes, get ready for more skiing in the sun. But dont forget to bring the sunglasses and sunscreen.

The clear skies will continue through the weekend, so expect more delightful spring skiing. The moderate ridgetop winds from the east the last few days will ease a bit while the temperatures will be on the rise, as the high pressure producing the warm and clear weather settles in. For most ski areas expect highs in the upper 50s and 60s on the slopes for this weekend that is warm! The snowpack is deep so the melt will not affect coverage at this point. Snow depth/coverage is outstanding and above normal. The melt is just beginning. Parking lots will be messy from the melt, while Cascade rivers will be on the rise.

Overnight lows will stay above freezing by Saturday and Sunday. That means the snow may be slushy, mainly on the south facing slopes. For best skiing you should favor the north facing slopes and shady runs. Early mornings will be best. Afternoons may get grabby in spots.

After this weekend some areas will be closing up, while others are offering limited days (mainly weekends) and lifts until early May, so check your favorite area for details. Ill have a season wrap up and outlook for next season toward the middle of next week.


A funny chairlift story

Last weekend I was skiing solo at the Summit. I shared a chairlift ride with a fellow skier who I did not know. We were both masked up both unrecognizable. We were talking about the great La Nina snowfall this year. He picked off many wonderful powder days. He said he followed Larry Schicks forecast / powder reports and it was spot on all season! He did not realize he was sharing the chair with me. I said, Yeah I know who he is, his forecasts suck. He is the worst Then the guy enthusiastically jumps in and starts defending me. It was awesome. I felt so honored. He really stood up for me!

At the end of the chair ride, I finally introduced myself and thanked him for his loyalty, confidence and support.

Funny thing, he did not believe it was me. I removed my mask and said yes it was really the Grand Poobah. He graciously conceded it was me. I was so humbled. That really made my day. Thank you, sir! And thanks to everyone in the Kingdom of the Grand Poobah of Powder.

Your Grand Poobah of Powder
Larry Schick meteorologist

PS Skied Crystal Wednesdaya perfect spring ski day in the sun. Snow got soft on the south facing, but not mushy. Blazing Elk run (northeast facing) was fantastic!


Zeek's Pizza

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Alpine Physical Therapy

49 North Ski & Snowboard Resort, Chewelah, Washington

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