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At last, snowfall will deepen

Finally, some good snow news. Respectable new snowfall is headed our way. Its not a complete game-changer, but it will help everyone and improve conditions. Its welcome news, after this current sustained period of scanty snowfall, one of the worst in deca ...

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Snow returns

Hello Skiers,

These are trying times in the weather forecasting department. Sure we have snow in the forecast, but it is just not enough for a general and widespread opening for all the ski slopes.
Friday through Saturday a low off the coast wil ...

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Snowy at time - but how much?

Expect more snow this week.
It wont be a colossal Cascade snowfall, but rather a couple of modest storms. The first one will be mid-week, with another following up on Friday.
Unfortunately, the weather has warmed up. The cold arctic air we had last ...

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Ski areas open to sunshine

Hello skiers,
The recent snowfall was enough to open a few NW ski areas. Considering the snowmaking, careful grooming and recent snowfall a few ski areas are seeing the slopes open for skiing. Check their web sites for details.
In Washington, Crysta ...

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Snowfall goes south

Hello skiers,
Weve had snow for the last couple of days in the Cascades, but it hasn't been much - about 2 - 6. There will be a little more overnight tonight (1). Its not enough snow get the ski areas open. At least we are headed in the right direction ...

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