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More snow - then a wonderful weekend

Dont let the sunshine out there fool you; another Cascade snowstorm is headed our way with low snow levels, once again. The 1000 ft snow levels, will mean great quality snowfall, with continuing cool weather.
The fun begins on Friday. The storm will ...

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Powder Wednesday - then Friday

Hi Folks,
Big powder day coming up for Wednesday POWDER ALERT.
A weather system coming down from the northwest will mean another high quality storm with a 500 ft snow level that means very light snow, once again. This is on top of all the great sn ...

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New snow, then late weekend clearing

The snow will begin falling again in the Cascades this afternoon, but do not expect as much as last Sunday Tuesday, which was 1-3 ft.
Right now a low off the coast is spinning up bands of snow for the Cascades, but the system is not as or fully devel ...

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Powder Fest for the week

Powder Alert The real thing!
This will be one of the best powder weeks Ive ever seenwith low snow levels and a couple of surges of new snowfall into your weekend.
Three days of light dry powder, Monday - Wednesday then again Friday into Saturday. ...

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Wall to wall snowfall

Its hard to imagine looking outside right with the clear, sunny weather a big snowstorm is quietly developing and headed our way. A step outside will prove we still have a chill in the air and that will set the stage for more snow to come in the lowlands ...

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