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Limited snowfall, as snow level remain high

Hello skiers,
Happy Holidays everyone.
Right now, there is almost enough snow to partially open Washington ski resorts. However, the weather will not be kind to skiers the next few days. Three modest atmospheric rivers (ARs) are ahead, and will cur ...

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New snow this week

Hello skiers,
Snowfall will increase this week, but the snow level may be a problem late in the week.
New snow will fall in the Cascades by late Monday afternoon continuing into early Tuesday. A modest weather front will move in with the new snowfa ...

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Snowfall, then none

Hello skiers,
There will be new snow, but will it be enough?
I expect new snow above 4,000 feet with this current storm. The snow is falling now (Thu evening) through early Friday. Expect 2-9 of new with the snow level lowering to 4,000 - 4,500 by F ...

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Snow levels to lower

Hello skiers,
The Cascades continues to get pounded by rain, but there is a white light at the end of the tunneland its not a speeding train its new snow.
A second warm atmospheric river with snow levels 8,000 9,000 feet is causing rain to fall o ...

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High snow levels, recover next week

Hello skiers,
The snow levels are on the rise (9,000ft) and rain is increasing as an atmospheric river takes aim at the NW. That means heavy rain and mild temperatures on top of the recent snow. Rain will be seen on all Cascades ski slopes. As uncle J ...

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