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Little snow, plus hazards of freezing fog

A little snow has been seen in the mountains lately, but not enough to make a big difference. There have been a few inches, mainly above 4,500 ft. A modest system comes in later in the weekend with a little more (1-4) on Sunday (SL 4,500-6,000ft). The wea ...

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Cascades snow forecast, special on storm energy

Hello skiers,
Yes, its going to snow in the Cascades.
A weather system is coming in later today (Saturday night) into Sunday. The snow will be falling in the Cascades late tonight but mainly Sunday as the cooler air rushes in. Not a lot of snow, b ...

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LA Nina and the NW winter

Hello skiers,
No doubt you can see and feel the changes in the weather. Expect some minor snow (trace 2) on the highest slopes this week, with Whistler seeing much more. The snow will fall on Tuesday and again next weekend, with two separate but weak ...

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Welcome: First Powder Alert

Hello skiers,
Hope youre enjoying the sunshine and warmth for this Saturday (25th) afternoon. Try to get outside and soak in the sun. Enjoy it, because the party will be over on Sunday with more clouds and rain here comes fall and then winter snow. I ...

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Final Powder alert & next season outlook

Hello skiers,
This will be the final Powder Alert of this terrific 2020-21 ski season. But there is still skiing with many areas partially open into May. This weekend will see more clouds and cooler weather with a little snow above 4,500 ft (1-4), main ...

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