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Yes snow, but SL rises

With cold air in place and a 500 ft snow level for Tuesday, there is a system coming, which will increase the snowfall as the day unfolds. Expect a few inches of very light snow before the lifts stop spinning on Tuesday.

The snow really starts dumping overnight as we see 7-15 overnight. However, the snow levels start to climb to 2,000 ft by midnight and 4,500ft by morning. Snowfall may be dense on the lower slopes on Wednesday morning, favor the upper slopes. More snow will fall during the day and wind could be a factor on the ridges.

By late Wednesday night and Thursday, the snow keeps coming, but the snow level rises to 5,000 ft for a rain-snow mix mid to lower slopes. The warmth is from a warm front and a modest atmospheric river. Not as bad as last week, but not doing us any favors.

Friday and Saturday additional snowfall with cold air moving in and the SL dipping to 3,000 then 2,000ft, for greatly improving conditions by the weekend. I like Sunday with sunshine and the quality groomers and powder stash leftovers from Saturday.

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