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Snow off and on

Hello skiers,

Here we go, get ready, hang on. The NW snow machine is going to get cranking as a series of storms is aimed our way for widespread NW mountain snowfall.

Expect snow this week with the best later in the week, into next weekend. The good news is the snow level will remain fairly low, bouncing between 2,000 and 3,500 ft. That means snow will pile up at all ski areas from the lower to upper slopes. Expect deep drifts on the upper slopes, by late in the week. This pattern will create a good snowpack base, but not enough to open. Typically, we need 3-4 or 5 feet to open.

The first storm comes in late Monday into Tuesday and will be worth 4 - 9. A respectable a start. There will be a break from Wednesday into early Thursday. Then late Thursday the fun begins.

Several storms move in starting later Thursday into next weekend. Its then the snow will really fly as wind and heavy snow plaster the mountains. Expect 8-15 new between late Thursday and Sunday. These are fast-moving storms. At this point, there is uncertainty regarding the timing and location of the heaviest snowfall.

After next weekend the weather pattern remains active, with occasional breaks. When it does clear, youll see the mountains packed with snow. The ski season is getting closer.

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Larry Schick - meteorologist


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