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Snow most of the week, better late

Hello Skiers,

An amazing weather pattern is in progress and will produce more snow this week, but we must deal with a bit of warmth for a short time later Monday & Tuesday. The pattern is progressive with one storm after another. The week will bring multiple snowstorms and eventually lowering snow levels (SL) for improved snow quality. The upcoming snowfall will greatly improve coverage and quality of surface snow.

Monday: Expect 5-10 new in the morning with 2-5 during the day. Favor the morning with the best quality snow. SL: 3,000 (am), rising to 5,000 ft by Monday night. Snow will continue to fall, but there will be a rain/snow mix on the mid and lower slopes.

Tuesday: SL will be 4,500 ft with a rain-snow mix on the lower slopes. Snow will fall on the upper slopes (7-12). But overall it may be grabby with the heavier snow.

Wednesday: Big powder day possible. SL lowers to 1,500ft and 5-10 of new snow possible in the morning. Huge potential. Snowfall continues during the day for good refills.

Thursday: Great leftovers, cold for wonderful snow preservation, perfect groomers. There will be little if any, new snow.

Friday: A new storm with low snow levels and plentiful new snow means a potentially big powder day.

Weekend: More snow and low snow levels (500 ft) details to come.

What a week!

The Grand Poobah of Powder


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