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Ski areas open to sunshine

Hello skiers,

The recent snowfall was enough to open a few NW ski areas. Considering the snowmaking, careful grooming and recent snowfall a few ski areas are seeing the slopes open for skiing. Check their web sites for details.

In Washington, Crystal and Mission Ridge will open Friday (29th). Whistler, in BC, is now open (Nov 28th). Also, Oregon received more snowfall than Washington and BC from this recent storm. As a result, many areas will open including Bachelor, Timberline, Meadows, and SkiBowl. Be aware of thin snow cover and early season hazards at all resorts. Also, not all lifts and runs will be open. There will be limited operations but heck you can make some turns and burn off that extra helping of turkey.

The dry weather pattern will be with us over the NW until Saturday with chilly weather and bright sunny skies. This snowless weather pattern is being produced by high pressure lodged over the NW.

The main storm track will continue into California, but by Sunday some of their snowfall will drift north to Oregon (trace - 4). Also minor amounts of new snow for southern Washington (White Pass ) and northern Idaho (Silver Mt) - maybe a trace to 2. Not a game-changer but helpful. Sorry, Whistler, a dome of high-pressure protects you from the snowfall.

Early next week will start off dry again. There is a chance of a pattern change by the middle of next week with a system sliding down the northwest BC coast, however, its too early to be confident about that or have any details. An update on the will come later this weekend.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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