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Ski areas close

Hello skiers

I always like March and April skiing in the NW with longer days and good snow coverage. It's often the best part of the season for me. Unfortunately, this year is different. We must all band together and follow health professional guidelines for the safety of everyone.

Many ski areas in the NW are now closed including Stevens, The Summit, White, Crystal, Baker, Whistler, and others.

Ski areas not closed are 49 Degrees, WA, Silver Mt, ID and a few others - but subject to change. Check ski area websites for the latest information.

I will continue to update the weather every Thursday or Friday until April.

Please, if you venture into the backcountry to get your snow fix, respect ski area closures and boundaries. Most of all make sure you have the skills, ability and knowledge to safely travel in the backcountry. And always check with the NW Avalanche Center for the avalanche situation.

Be safe everyone and make sure your family, friends, and neighbors are safe too and help them out if needed.

Weather: It will be sunny most of the week, with high pressure moving in to block storms. It will be warming up a bit toward Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday will see partly sunny and the chance of Cascade snowfall, but not much.

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