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Powder Weekend

A snowy pattern is unfolding with powder days and a sunny conclusion on Monday for your Holiday weekend. Expect a series of weather systems to bring abundant snowfall to the Cascades through Sunday. The good news is the snow level will be fairly low the entire time, which means great quality snow, especially on the upper slopes. But be careful, with snow on the road.

Friday morning will bring 2-5 of new and a snow level (SL) near 2,000 ft. That means snow for all slopes. Youll be skiing in the snow off and on for Friday, with partial clearing. Expect 1-2 of new during the ski day. Friday night, into early Saturday morning, will see 2-4 of new when you arrive. But the real fun begins on Saturday.
Its a powder day for Saturday with snowfall refills all day as a new and robust system moves into the Cascades. Be ready to ski in snow through the day with 2-5 new for the day on Saturday. The snow level may nudge up a tad to 2,500 ft, but that is still low. The snow will continue Saturday night into Sunday with 5-10 new by Sunday morning.

There is true epic potential on Sunday morning with moderately deep, quality snowfall. Sunday will see a snow level of 1,500 ft very low - with great quality new snow. Expect more snowfall during the day on Sunday (2-5) and then into Monday (SL 500 ft) morning (2-6). Monday will have new snow from overnight with great powder skiing potential. There will be some lingering snow showers on Monday, but also some sunshine. There will be increasing sunshine on next Tuesday and Wednesday.

There it is go ski it!

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