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NW Snow Outlook 2020-21

Hello everyone,

Good news. La Nina is in progress and that means a snowy winter for the Northwest.

Hope you had a good summer. I know with the pandemic restrictions and smoke it was challenging.

The upcoming ski season will present some changes. We dont know all the details, but the restricted lodge and lift use are likely. Plus, reservations are on the table in some areas. Check ski area websites for specifics.

But the snow will fall. La Nina means cool waters in the tropical Pacific and that translates to a storm track which is often aimed at the Pacific Northwest into the northern Rockies. Typically, La Nina winters in the NW are reliable with near or above-normal snowfall. The last La Nina winter was 2017-18 with about 90 - 125% of normal snowfall. But it doesnt mean the snow will fall evenly over the season. We just dont know what month or months will get the bulk of the La Nina snowfall so follow the forecast closely. Get the snow when it falls...but it will fall.

Also, we will have changes coming up in this Powder Alert. Details to come.

Grand Poobah
Larry Schick Meteorologist

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