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More snow and lowering snow level

This will put a smile on your face. Expect abundant snowfall for the next week. But first we must suffer through wet snow or rain for today, with a snow level of 6,000 ft that means rain for most slopes.

The snow levels have risen and there is rain falling on the snowpack for many NW ski slopes right now. A warm front is the troublemaker and will be with us for most of this Thursday afternoon and early evening.

Just to put you at ease, the rain on snow does not eliminate the snowpack, producing only minor melting. It does consolidate the snowpack for more bulletproof coverage of rocks while producing a dense base layer to help preserve the snowpack for late season. That said, it is best to have fresh new snowfall on the newly rain thickened snowpackand that will happen tonight.

To save the day for this current rain on snow event will be a cold front coming in with the rain turning to snow tonight as the snow level drops to 3,500 ft by after midnight. Friday morning there will be 3-9 of new snow as you arrive with the snow level steady, near 3,500ft, with most slopes continuing to get snow. During the day on Friday, it will be great on the ski slopes with 2-5 of new snow falling during the day, a nice refresh with partial fill-ins.

Saturday the conditions will remain really fine with quality powder leftovers, and meanwhile, you can zoom the groom, for additional fun. New snowfall will be a trace to 3, with a short break in the snowfall. The snow level will continue low about 2,000 ft , so the chilly air will keep the snow in good shape.

Late Saturday night into Sunday and very early Monday a new surge of moisture will produce moderate to heavy snowfall with 4-12 Sunday to early Monday. The snow level will be 2,000 ft , so quality will be excellent, but visibility not so good on Sunday, as the snow falls. Monday the snow will taper off with excellent groomers and again quality powder leftovers.

The middle of next week (Tues/Wed) may see a rise in the snow level, temporarily to 3,500-4,500 for a short time, but otherwise, the mid and upper slopes will get moderate to heavy snowfall.

Well there it is, take your pick each day will see good to excellent ski conditions.

There are many nice ski days ahead, after todays mild/wet spell. Snowpack is near normal for good coverage. I especially like the weekend (and into Monday) with more new snow and low snow levels. Youll enjoy both quality and freshness. It almost sounds like I am buying a newly caught salmon fillet at the Pike Place Market.

Your Grand Poobah of Powder
Larry Schick - meteorologist


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