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La Nina for 2022-23 - Good snowfall!

Hello skiers,

Good news for this upcoming NW ski season La Nina! An unprecedent third in a row. That means great snowfall for the NW.

La Nina continues from last season and will again favor near to above normal snowfall for the Northwestand that includes the Inland NW. Confidence in the snowy outlook is higher than average, because La Nina usually delivers for NW skiers plan for a good one.

La Nina is the unusual cooling of the tropical Pacific water temperatures. The cooling suppresses the typical thunderstorm pattern in the tropics and that pattern affects the winter storm track, which favors snowfall for mountains of the NW.

La Nina likes the Pacific Northwest producing a snowy winter. Remember, a strong La Nina dumped a world record breaking 1140 of snow in 1999 for Mt Baker, while pounding most other NW ski areas with deep snowfall. I am not saying we will repeat that record, but only La Nina supports the NW for predictable powder skiing and a good snowpack.

The last two ski seasons in the NW have all been La Nina with above normal snow so the connection is fairly solid. However, (here comes the: ifs ands buts).its always a surprise how the snowstorm cycles come in. One month might be good (or bad) followed by an epic month. The weather doesnt remember what happen last month.

You must follow the short term forecast to grab the fresh snow when its happening. I would favor the early season with a cool pattern and above normal snow fall. The forecast is showing the La Nina phase evolve into a neutral phase by February. That neutral phase wont cut off the storms. However, that shift to neutral provides less confidence in snowfall consistency later in the season. The forecast later in the season does shift the snowfall focus to eastern WA, Northern Idaho and Montana. (time to visit our sponsors 49 Degrees and Silver Mt)

Youll see changes evolve in the Powder Alert this season, with a new look coming, additional snow forecasters producing write ups. Ill still make contributions, but skiing more.

Your Grand Poobah of Powder
Larry Schick


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