Powder Alert 02-23
  • THURSDAY: Windy early, then less windy for the afternoon with some sun breaks.
  • FRIDAY: Cold start to the day with many areas in the single digits. However, mostly sunny and cold for much of the day.
  • SATURDAY: Increase in clouds and snow by the evening for the Mt. Baker area.
  • SUNDAY: Snow of 8 to 10 inches for the day. Looks like a powder day!
Keep reading for details.
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Hello Skiers & Boarders,
Cool and breezy early today with sun breaks this afternoon. Then cool and mostly sunny for Friday and early Saturday. Layer up on Friday, with morning temperatures in single digits for some locations.
Later on Saturday night and more likely on Sunday snow returns with most forecasts showing 8 to 10 inches of snow by late Sunday afternoon. The map below shows the purple and red colors which are 8 to 10 inches.

Extended Outlook

For Monday through Wednesday, we are expecting continued cold with snow levels at or below 1000 feet for much of the time. Thus any snow will be the dry and fluffy type we love. Light snow for Monday and another 8 inches for Tuesday and light snow for Wednesday.
We will update you this Sunday with the happy totals. Ski and ride on!!

Notes from the Grand Poobah of Powder

I saw these tracks off-piste in Sun Valley 10 days ago....bobcat? Any educated guesses? Yeti?
Meteorologist Larry Schick

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How to ski in flat light, low light, crappy light, and fog??
  • Wear the right goggles.
  • Follow the tree line.
  • Use the piste markers.
  • Ski in a group & stick together.
  • Don't ski faster than you can see.
  • Change your elevation.
  • This is where you need your foundation skills.
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Thanks for reading the Powder Alert.